Our Company

Multi-profile engineering company DiMedia was founded in 2004. The main direction of our work is designing and manufacturing of objects of an urban infrastructure.

DiMedia is one of the three leading manufacturers of advertising structures in the domestic CIS market. Since 2018, the company has been working systematically to enter the markets of Europe, Africa and South America.

  • 25

    types of products and over 300 models and modifications

  • > 9 000

    of constructions produced since 2004

  • 57 500 m²

    Of metal and glass are used in our designs every year

  • 6

    Our designs are installed in 6 countries around the world

  • > 600

    delivery directions — from Vilnius to Kamchatka

  • > 3 000

    our designs have been assembled by our clients themselves on our clear instructions

  • > 200 000 km

    our fleet of cars passes through every year

  • 10 days

    Minimum delivery time

  • 16 years

    of production experience


Our customers share their experience of operating our products in various climatic conditions. And we help them solve complex problems.

Our production runs in two shifts, ensuring stable delivery times. Each component is subject to strict quality control. All of our finished products are tested before they are shipped.


All our products are manufactured according to the conditions of their placement. Profile systems are developed in accordance with international standards IP - dust and waterproof. Only hardened aluminum alloy 6063 (AD31) with high corrosion resistance is used in the cladding.

Particular attention is paid to the safety of electronic components. Natural and active ventilation is provided to prevent condensation and overheating of the equipment.

The products are painted in our own paint booths. The polymer powder painting method is used.

Confidence in tomorrow’s day

Aluminum profile systems and load-bearing elements of constructions are the author’s developments of our engineers, which gives each model a unique look. All mechanical and electronic systems are subjected to stress testing and ideal parameters are selected to ensure durability.

The software is developed by professional teams. Now we are actively working on cloud information systems for remote management of advertising structures and monitoring of their condition.



We use our own trucks or the help of transport companies. If necessary, we deliver by rail in containers. To the countries of far abroad delivery is carried out by sea ways, also in containers.

Full safety during transportation is ensured by optimal stacking and reliable fastening of products.

Our special Sistema Designer delivery method allows us to save up to 30% of the product cost by significantly reducing the cost of transporting components to the installation site.



Cooperation with design studios and attentive attitude to design have become important components of the company’s success. Every detail of the product is ergonomic and customer-oriented. Thanks to this approach, the constructions look modern and fit perfectly into the urban space.


Our products are installed in more than 400 locations in 6 countries. Our main goal is to further strengthen our position in the international market of advertising structures and urban infrastructure.


For 16 years we have been accumulating experience in designing advertising structures and objects of the urban environment. We patented our developments, improved our production and delivery. We entered the nearest foreign markets and were fixed on them. We’ve been accommodating at local and international expositions.

  • 2004

    Opening of production, development of the first advertising structures. Sale of the first batch of billboards. The company’s website was opened.

  • 2005

    Start of production of all-metal stopping pavilions. Preparation of new advertising structures. Opening of the engineering department.

  • 2006

    The production of roller displays based on the digital roller system with mechanical endstops has started.

  • 2008

    The first exposition of the company at the international exhibition “Advertising-2008”. Scroller’s presentation with automatic electric lifts. New DSS (digital scrolling system) roller system and products based on it.

  • 2009

    Production of dynamic Three-sided Pylons has been launched. For the first time ever, design systems were put on sale, allowing the customer to assemble and install the structures independently on an easy and clear instruction.

  • 2010

    We launched a product line of new design — High-tech. Advertising benches and Bus Shelters with a lightbox advertisement without glass were designed. Full transition to LED lighting and the company’s entry into the LED screen segment.

  • 2011

    New designs “Screenboard”, on the one hand — LED screen, on the other — roller display up to eight posters.

  • 2012

    The first annual catalogue of products is published. In the future, these catalogues will be sent to customers at each delivery. The production area has been increased. A new type of product profile has been developed — IPhone`s Design, which later transforms into a line of products “Lux”. A number of new video structures are presented, including Digital Billboards with frontal service, Three- sided Digital Pylons and a Digital Citylights.

  • 2013

    A subsidiary metal processing and steel structure production center was opened. Presentation of stopping pavilions with Digital Citylights.

  • 2014

    The company turns 10 years old. A new aluminum profile system is being launched. Overlaying glass is a new approach to glazing large advertising structures.

  • 2015

    A new series of advertising structures “Lux” is presented, the distinguishing feature of which are overhead glasses, as well as a combination of modern style and classics. The modular advertising and information index are developed. Transition to sensorless scrolling system.

  • 2016

    Presentation of the fully sensorless roller system of the SSS (smart scrolling system) series. The system of remote monitoring of advertising structures and the option to control the roller system from your smartphone via Bluetooth are presented.

  • 2017

    Presentation of dynamic backlighting for SSS (smart scrolling system) roller systems.

  • 2018 (II quarter)

    Development of GSM modules are completed for remote control and monitoring of roller systems.

  • 2018 (III quarter)

    Representative office has been opened in France.

  • 2019 (I quarter)

    Participation in the international exhibition in Amsterdam ISE 2019. Production of outdoor LCD solutions with increased brightness from 3000 cd was launched.