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Backlit Billboards

Advertising boards without glass, with internal LED backlighting, banner tension and fixation system. The absence of glare in the image during the day and the bright backlighting at night make Backlit Billboard an attractive advertisement medium. It is available in four standard sizes.

Dimensions of structures
are adapted to your region.

Design Options

Structures can be single-sided and double-sided, with a round or rectangular pole. The most common poster size is 14 m² (6 × 3 m).

  • 6 m² (3 × 2 m)
  • 8 m² (4 × 2 m)
  • 9 m² (4 × 3 m)
  • 14 m² (6 × 3 m)

Demonstration section


Three Types of Poles

Rectangular, round and square shapes are available.

  • Square pole
  • Rectangular pole
  • Round pole

ABS cladding

Conceals the kerchiefs and flange, and its sliding bottom part helps to conceal the anchor bolts if the foundation is not deep enough.

Multi-Component Profile System

A unique design composed of seven profiles. Hardened aluminium alloy 6063 (AD31) with high corrosion resistance.

  • The middle profile connects the basic profiles of the frame

  • The upper profile carries the load of the structure

  • The profile of the frame surrounds the structure

  • The hinge profile allowed to refuse external metal loops. It provides convenient installation of doors and their smooth opening.

  • The silkscreen profile hides internal elements of the structure on the static poster side

  • Lower cladding profile

Two Frame Options

Frames with appropriate reinforcement are provided for different climatic conditions. In case of strong wind loads, a double-circuit frame should be used.

Single-circuit1 to 4 wind class, up to 16.8 m/s
Double-circuit5 to 7 wind class, over 25.8 m/s

Ease of Use

We pay special attention to safe operation in various weather conditions. Safety hinges prevent the doors from breaking in the event of icing, and gas springs prevent the doors from closing in the event of wind gusts.

Safety hinges

Dislodgement and squeezing of the door from the frame in case of icing of internal gutters are excluded.

Eye fasteners

Fasteners for safe lifting of the structure and mounting at height.

Gas springs

Provide easy opening and locking of the door for safe maintenance of the structure.

Internal locks

They provide concealed protection against vandalism and secure the doors.

Transport end locks

They ensure a tighter fit of the door to the frame of the stucture.

Backlighting Options

It is evenly distributed over the entire construction area. Includes 168 to 420 LED modules on each side.

Backlighting brightness ≈ 3,150 lumens per m².

  • connect the wires of the LED modules quickly and reliably
  • Reliable and waterproof , with sufficient power reserve
  • Bright LED backlighting with and IP67 moisture protection standard

An LED canvas that is installed behind the poster instead of the usual LED backlighting. Smart backlighting creates an animated show with different lighting effects from conventional posters, attracting more attention.

  • MP4, GIF file formats
  • Software for creation and loading
    of animation clips
  • Download via cable, Wi-Fi
    or USB flash drive
  • Ability to switch on and off by timer
LED Smart Backlighting Module

Pole Location Options

The basic version has a center position, but if necessary, the pole can be left and right offset. Wall mounting and special double-section poles are available.

Any color from
the RAL Classic catalogue

The polymer powder painting method is used. End and front elements can be painted in different colors according to the customer's request.

Examples of painting

Two-colour silver grey with signal black, RAL 7001 and RAL 9004

International Shipping

Delivery is carried out by own DiMedia trucks or by means of transport companies. Up to 8 assembled Backlit Billboards (including poles) and up to 30 as a self-assembly kit can be transported in a low-frame or open top container.

  • By Sea
  • On the roads
  • Railway tracks