Bus Shelters DMA-19 Ru Bus Shelters DMA-19 Ru

Bus Shelters DMA-19 Series

Smart interactive bus shelters with modern design, equipped with additional features for comfortable waiting for public transport.

Safety and Convenience

DiMedia shelters can be equipped with navigation systems, warning of the transport arrival, emergency services call buttons, CCTV cameras, Wi-Fi access points and USB charging.

  • Wi-Fi
  • LED backlighting
  • Video cameras
  • Schedule module
  • Emergency call buttons
  • Panel with USB charging

Shelter Models

  • DMA-1901
  • DMA-1902
  • DMA-1902-3м
  • DMA-1903
  • DMA-1904
  • DMA-1905
  • DMA-1906
  • DMA-1907
  • DMA-1907 Т1
  • DMA-1907 Т2
  • DMA-1908
  • DMA-1909
  • DMA-1910
  • DMA-1911 with interactive stela

Smart Modules

Bus Shelters DMA-19 Series feature smart modules with digital content: notification systems, interactive navigation system, docking stations and services for disabled people.

Module 19-1

Information and navigation LCD panel

LCD display shows any information needed, including an interactive city map to find convenient routes.

Possible use of external applications.

  • Display brightness up to 3,000 candelas per square meter
  • Anti-glare glass touchscreen for 22.5–50 inch displays (option)
  • Emergency call button
  • USB-charging panel

Module 19-2

Module is equipped with public transport arrival notification system

Transport arrival timetable can be demonstrated on LED or LCD display (optionally). LCD version is supplied with filters and ventilation system.

Possible two-sided version.

  • 32-inch LCD display
  • Display brightness up to 3,000 candelas per square meter
  • Emergency call button
  • USB-charging panel

Advertising Media

Citylights 2 m² (1.2 × 1.8 m)

It is a box with a visible image of 1.2 × 1.8 m. Both sides of the Citylight can be equipped with advertising and information media: static poster, roller system SSS-55 (Smart Scrolling System), poster smart backlighting (SmartLED), LED screen or LCD panel brightness up to 3,000 cd/m².

  • Standard
  • Rounded

Audio Scheduling and Emergency Communication Module

Audio duplication of the schedule is not only a convenient way to obtain information, but also an important assistant for people with vision disabilities.

Anti-vandal panel is equipped with a voice call button, speakers and microphone.

Version with a video camera to broadcast surrounding during the call is provided.

Emergency communication button makes a SIP call to the preset emergency service number.

LED Lighting

Often, street lighting is not enough to illuminate the bus stop.This issue is solved by the additional backlight system consisting of waterproof LED modules, covered with a matt diffuser.

Any Color from the RAL Classic Catalogue

The polymer powder painting method is used. Elements can be painted in different colors according to the customer's request.

Interactive Information Pylons

For new or existing bus shelters interactive information pylons can be installed for comfortable transport waiting.

The pylons feature arrival passenger information LCD displays. Touchscreen, USB-charging panels, static city maps or advertising boards with backlighting are optional.