Citylight with Litter Bins Ru Citylight with Litter Bins Ru

Citylight with Litter Bins

Advertising structures with 2 m² (1.2 × 1.8 m) visibility, bright internal LED backlighting and protective tempered glass. Can be equipped with Smart Scrolling Systems (SSS). The pole of Citylights is made in the form of sectional bins for household waste collection.

Dimensions of structures
are adapted to your region.

Design Options

The structures can be one-sided and two-sided. Three profile design models and variations in the number of sections for household waste are available to choose from.

Demonstration section

Design options

Number of sections in a pole

Structural Features

DiMedia Citybox is reliable and easy in service, combines advertising solutions and social orientation.

Multi-Component Profile System

Unique development of four profiles with protection against dust and moisture according to IP54 standard. Hardened aluminum alloy 6063 (AD31) with high corrosion resistance.

  • The main box profile bears the frame construction load and serves as the main protection against the water ingress

  • The profile of the frame surrounds the structure and serves as the basis for glass fixing

  • The hinge profile allowed to refuse external metal loops. It provides convenient installation of doors and their smooth opening.

  • The silkscreen profile hides internal elements of structure. It allows to refuse from gluing Oracal film on glass.

Protection degree IP54


The reinforced steel frame provides high rigidity, which is particularly important for the precise positioning of the scrolling system shafts and to match wind loads.

Backlighting Options

It consists of 34 waterproof LED modules located on the end walls of the construction.

The angle of light scattering of 140 degrees provides equal lighting of the poster.

4760 lm60 W
  • connect the wires of the LED modules quickly and reliably
  • Reliable and waterproof , with sufficient power reserve
  • Bright LED backlighting with and IP67 moisture protection standard

An LED canvas that is installed behind the poster instead of the usual LED backlighting. Smart backlighting creates an animated show with different lighting effects from conventional posters, attracting more attention.

  • MP4, GIF file formats
  • Software for creation and loading
    of animation clips
  • Download via cable, Wi-Fi
    or USB flash drive
  • Ability to switch on and off by timer
LED Smart Backlighting Module

Any color from
the RAL Classic catalogue

The polymer powder painting method is used. End and front elements can be painted in different colors according to the customer's request.

Examples of painting

Two-colour sapphire blue with steel blue, RAL 5003 & RAL 5011

Scrolling System

The Citylights are equipped with Smart Scrolling System (SSS) — model 55, which demonstrates up to six posters on one advertising surface. Fine tuning of rewind, frame display time and other work parameters is possible. The system is equipped with a stop function when the poster breaks.

  • High reliability of the system and other components. Warranty up to 2 years.
  • No sensors or foil labels on posters
  • Configure and manage your system from your smartphone via Bluetooth
GSM module
Scrolling system power supply
Scrolling system control unit
Backlighting power
Upper motor power
Lower motor power and control line
Upper motor
Lower motor

Mobile application

Mobile application for setting up and managing your system via Bluetooth. Works on Android smartphones.

  • Included user manual
  • Over 20 fine-tuning functions

International Shipping

Delivery is carried out by own DiMedia trucks or by means of transport companies. Up to 18 assembled Citylight with Litter Bins and up to 80 as a self-assembly kit can be transported in a low-frame or open top container.

  • By Sea
  • On the roads
  • Railway tracks