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Advertising structures with 2 m² (1.2 × 1.8 m) visible part of the image, bright internal LED backlighting and protective tempered glass. Can be equipped with sensorless scrolling systems – Smart Scrolling System (SSS) series.

Dimensions of structures
are adapted to your region.

Design Options

Structures can be single-sided, double-sided or wall-mounted. Three profile designs and three pole options are available.

Demonstration section

Design options


Structural Features

DiMedia Citylight is reliable and easy to maintain, combines the wishes of our customers with modern engineering solutions.

Gas springs for doors
Lower flange cladding
made of durable ABS plastic
Overlay tempered, glasses 4 mm thick

Multi-Component Profile System

Unique development of four profiles with protection against dust and moisture according to IP54 standard. Hardened aluminum alloy 6063 (AD31) with high corrosion resistance.

1 2 3 4
  • The main box profile bears the frame construction load and serves as the main protection against the water ingress

  • The profile of the frame surrounds the structure and serves as the basis for glass fixing

  • The hinge profile allowed to refuse external metal loops. It provides convenient installation of doors and their smooth opening.

  • The silkscreen profile hides internal elements of structure. It allows to refuse from gluing Oracal film on glass.

Protection degree IP54


The reinforced steel frame provides high rigidity, which is particularly important for the precise positioning of the scrolling system shafts and to match wind loads.