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Digital Billboards

Ready-made LED displays for broadcasting commercials and any other video content. Video canvases are installed in the supporting structure, fully adjusted and tested in our assembly workshop. You get a ready-made video display.

Dimensions of structures
are adapted to your region.

Design Options

Digital billboards can be one-sided or two-sided. The second side can have a static poster, a blank wall or another LED display. It can be supplied with a rectangular or round pole.

  • 6 m² (2.88 × 1.92 m)
  • 7.4 m² (3.84 × 1.92 m)
  • 11 m² (3.84 × 2.88 m)
  • 16.6 m² (5.76 × 2.88 m)
  • 18 m² (6 × 3 m)

Demonstration section


Digital Displays

They differ in the type of LED modules and pixel pitch. There are two types of modules available — SMD and DIP.


Module type

SMD modules are compact, LEDs are assembled in one cell. The picture looks good even at close range.

DIP modules allow for greater image contrast during the day due to their brightness.

Pixel Pitch

It’s the density of pixels relative to each other. The smaller the step, the sharper the image.

  • P2.5
  • P3.81
  • P5
  • P6
  • P8
  • P10

Display Components

The display consists of cabinets that include LED modules, units to power these modules and cards that receive the video signal.

  • All internal electronic
    components are grounded
  • Operation in the temperature
    range from ‒40 to 50 °С
  • Electrical wiring is made according
    to electrical installation rule
  • Waterproofed system unit
  • Display lifespan —
    more than 10 years

Distributor Box

Inside the structure the closed system block which consists of a control system, multi-card, elements of power supply and protection against lightning blow settles down.

The system unit is equipped with external indicators and switches. It moves on rails, allowing access to any part of the display.

Our displays include Macroblock (MBI) power drivers. Delta power supplies are used to extend the temperature range of LED displays.

In the production of LED displays, our company DiMedia uses high quality components:

  • NationStar LEDs with gold conductor
  • Macroblock MBI5124 power drivers with 1920 Hz update rate
  • Includes NovaStar remote control screen system
  • Delta CE power supply units DPS-300AB-76 B CE with spare capacity of 25% and ventilation sensor
Hinge attaching the system unit
to the frame
← Distributor Box travel rails →

Remote Connection

Digital displays can be set up and managed remotely from anywhere in the world via the Internet. Connection to the global network is made through network cards, Wi-Fi and GSM (3G, 4G) modules.

Three Types of Poles

Rectangular, round and square shapes are available.

  • Square pole
  • Rectangular pole
  • Round pole

ABS cladding

Conceals the kerchiefs and flange, and its sliding bottom part helps to conceal the anchor bolts if the foundation is not deep enough.

Multi-Component Profile System

A unique design composed of seven profiles. Hardened aluminium alloy 6063 (AD31) with high corrosion resistance.

  • The middle profile connects the basic profiles of the frame

  • The upper profile carries the load of the structure

  • The profile of the frame surrounds the structure

  • The clamp profile is equipped with a special rubber seal for additional protection of the structure from the external environment

  • The clamp profile is equipped with a special rubber seal for extra protection of structure from the external environment

  • The silkscreen profile hides internal elements of the structure on the static poster side

  • Lower cladding profile


A special double-circuit frame with reinforced trusses is used for use in areas with high wind load classes.

Wind loads from 1 to 4 class, up to 16.8 m/s

Ease of Use

We pay special attention to safe operation in various weather conditions. Safety hinges prevent the doors from breaking in the event of icing, and gas springs prevent the doors from closing in the event of wind gusts.

Safety hinges

Dislodgement and squeezing of the door from the frame in case of icing of internal gutters are excluded.

Eye fasteners

Fasteners for safe lifting of the structure and mounting at height.

Gas springs

Provide easy opening and locking of the door for safe maintenance of the structure.

Internal locks

They provide concealed protection against vandalism and secure the doors.

Transport end locks

They ensure a tighter fit of the door to the frame of the stucture.

Ventilation System

Special perforation of the lower lining profile and eight of the upper-end fans provide air circulation to maintain the required temperature and humidity level inside the structure.

  • Perforation of the lower lining profile provides constant air flow
  • Fans bring out hot air from the Digital Billboard

Extra Equipment

The operational capabilities of digital displays can be extended by connecting extra equipment.

  • Auto dimming by light sensor

    Depending on the illumination, automatically adjusts the LED brightness level.

  • Equipment for communication via Wi-Fi and mobile networks

    Allows you to configure a wireless connection to your screen management system, including 3G and 4G (LTE) networks.

  • Sound system

    Adds the ability to output sound to the content being broadcast on the digital display.

  • LED display internal volume heating system

    Required to use the LED display in particularly cold climates.

  • Ambient temperature sensor

    Allows you to display information about the current outdoor temperature.

  • Electricity metering unit

    May be with manual readout or with automatic sending to the power supply company.

  • Video surveillance system

    Allows you to monitor the screen remotely and control the content of the broadcast.


NovaStar video systems are used in DiMedia displays and software is supplied with them: NovaStudio for controlling the display and SmartLCT for its adjustment and calibration.


  • – Video uploads
  • – Connecting online broadcasts
  • – Creating text messages
  • – Time and temperature widgets
Download NovaStudio
User manual


  • – Screen settings
  • – Color adjustments
  • – Calibration
  • – Backing up
Download SmartLCT
User manual

Any color from
the RAL Classic catalogue

The polymer powder painting method is used. End and front elements can be painted in different colors according to the customer's request.

Examples of painting

Two-colour telegrey 2 with grey blue, RAL 7046 and RAL 5008

International Shipping

Delivery is carried out by own DiMedia trucks or by means of transport companies. Up to 8 assembled Digital Вillboards (including poles) and up to 15 as a self-assembly kit can be transported in a low-frame or open top container.

  • By Sea
  • On the roads
  • Railway tracks