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Media Facades

Large-area LED video displays mounted on a building facade. Such media fit into the image of a modern city and are designed to expand the range of advertising.

Types of Media Facades

A distinction is made between two main types of media facades: flexible and hard. Application of this or that type of facades depends on the tasks and architecture of the building.


  • Light transmission between 20 and 80%,
    depending on pixel pitch
  • Pixel pitch width from P15 to P150
  • Lifespan up to 100,000 hours
  • Low power consumption
  • Fire safety
  • Front and rear maintenance is available

Structural Features
of Media Facades

  • Degree of dust and moisture protection, IP65
  • Special fixing system for minimum
    building loads and damages
  • Durable vandal-resistant plastic
  • Thickness of cabinet from 50 mm
  • The presence of its own frame does not
    require additional structures on the facade

Picture Quality

  • Large screen area
  • Over 16 million colors
  • Brightness up to 12 000 cd/m²,
    which allows it to be used both night and day

Remote Connection

Digital displays can be set up and managed remotely from anywhere in the world via the Internet. Connection to the global network is made through network cards, Wi-Fi and GSM (3G, 4G) modules.