SmartLED Backlighting Ru SmartLED Backlighting Ru

SmartLED Backlighting

An LED canvas that is installed behind the poster instead of the normal LED backlighting and synchronized with the SSS (Smart Scrolling System). Smart lighting creates an animated show with different lighting effects from conventional posters, attracting more attention.

Compatible with all models

Smart backlighting can be used on all models of advertising structures DiMedia.

In the development of smart backlighting, the main advantage was full synchronization with the Smart Scrolling Systems (SSS), which allows you to demonstrate up to 6 individually animated posters.

Smart Lighting Organization

The lighting canvas consists of panels with bright LEDs. Graphic control unit based on the loaded animation video determines in what sequence and with what intensity the LEDs should light up.

LED Smart Backlighting Module
  • LED Smart Backlight Modules The density of distribution of LEDs allows you to form accurate contours, and their brightness is adjusted in the gradation of 256 tones.
  • Lighting control unit Processes animated clips uploaded via Ethernet or USB cables.

Software and file upload

You will be able to create animations for smart backlighting in any suitable program. Smart backlighting supports common MP4 and GIF formats. The animation is loaded into the system by a special program.

Examples of use

Smart backlighting significantly increases the efficiency of advertising in the dark and in poorly lit areas, such as the cinema hall.